Poems are living beings in the world

Just as genetic science cannot yet fully explain human behavior, no reading, no  theory can fully explain a poem. It lives reading to reading.

As every living organism has its own DNA, its programmed destiny. every poem has within it parts of other poems and part of its maker. Variation from the inherited pattern is what makes anything individual and distinct. The current value of a poem comes from the community. But that’s not the last word.

Here we will view poetry not through the narrow lens of what’s trendy or what  or who’s getting published, as if celebrity or publication is the only goal. This site will offer observation, provocation and insight from many voices, probing for  elusive essence, setting the contemporary against the past, and offering whispering  anticipations of the future.

If you write or read or say or hear poetry with a special rush of attention and intensity and pleasure–– and sometimes even joy–– you are invited!

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